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Parts for homecockpits


from now, all controls will be delivered built and completed with sets of switches.
Ready for the LEO Bodnar USB controller and button boards.

Almost all of the 3D-print parts are printed in SLS printing in polyamide powder.
Most mechanics printed parts are delivered in their material color.
Most visible parts, such as handles and collective boxes, are primed and painted matt black.

The aluminum tubes for the sticks are delivered bead-blasted.

All off our controls are divided in to two parts:

1. the mechanical base with the position sensors, where we use contactless Hall-Sensor with magnets. Most with an additional gear to increase the resolution. 20 stickmovement will result in nearly 130 magnet movement. The sensors are wired to plug into an controller board (Bodnar Board for example).

2. the sticks themselves with matching tube. The stick grips are with high quality button and switches, wired with high grade industrial cable.

same for the pedals, because we deliver several types of them.

We are working on the
expansion of the range permanently.
Please report your wishes.

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