Parts for homecockpits        (...

Home Cockpit (1:1)

Parts for homecockpits (Our controls are not approved for use in manned Aircraft.)

all controls will be delivered built and completed with sets of switches.
Ready for the USB controller and button boards.

Almost all of the 3D-print parts are printed in SLS printing in polyamide powder.
Most mechanics printed parts are delivered in their material color.
Most visible parts, such as handles and collective boxes, are primed and painted matt black.

The aluminum tubes for the sticks are delivered bead-blasted.

Since we can now also powder paint, the pipes are supplied with powder coating at no extra charge.
Black matt RAL 9005 and light gray RAL 7035 and chrome effect are directly available, other colors will be added gradually.

Our "Controls-Sets" always consist of the mechanical basic basis and a helicopter-specific handle:
We use contactless Hall sensors and magnets for the mechanical basis. So that the approx. 20 ° stick movement is also transmitted to the SIM with a good resolution, almost all sensors have an additional backlash-free gear for the rotating magnets.

The base units are equipped with the PICK-UP board, which can be connected to the simulation computer via USB C plug (2.0).
Cyclic handles are supplied with a socket connetor matching the 32 BTU board, so all buttons and coolie functions can be implemented with one plug.
The handle tubes are attached to the central pivot of the Cyclic base with 2 M4 screws.
Since the beginning of 2021, all Collectiv handles have been designed with an integrated SPREAD-OUT board and are therefore easily exchangeable.
All buttons, switches and coolie functions (up to 32 e.g. with the AW-139) can be plugged into the base via a 18-wire cable.
For handles with rotary throttle, up to 2 rotary throttle sensors are plugged directly into the cable, which can then be up to 18-core.
Also since the beginning of 2021, 2 M4 screws have provided the stable connection to the base. By loosening these screws and removing the matrix cable, the helicopter type can be changed very easily.
All moving cables are high-quality industrial cables that allow several million movements.
Only high-quality components with a long service life are used as buttons, switches and 4- or 5-way Encoders.

extended warranty: grants a warranty guarantee for the Home-Cockpit products for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase.
This guarantee is valid worldwide from 2019, assuming normal, appropriate use of the products.
If a problem occurs with the product within the specified period, we will fix it together with the customer.
After a detailed description of the problem, we decide together with the customer how to proceed.
If the customer trusts himself to do his own repair, we will only send the necessary spare parts.
For this only the postage costs apply.
If the customer decides to have us carry out maintenance and repairs, he will send us the product at his own expense, including return shipping.
We subject the product to a complete inspection, with defective or worn parts being replaced free of charge.
Any upgrades available by then can be installed after consultation with the customer.
In any case, the product will function properly again.
When you send the product, please pack it in such a way that it will not suffer any further damage during transport and send it together with a copy of the invoice to the following address:
Passstr. 138
52070 Aachen
We will then send the repaired product back to your shipping address.
The customer only has to pay for the shipping costs in both directions.
Please note:
Your statutory rights to material defects, which you are entitled to for a period of two years from delivery of the purchased item, are not restricted by the above guarantee. The legal rights of material defects are regulated in §437 BGB.
We are working on the expansion of the range permanently.
Please report your wishes.
Our controls are not approved for use in manned Aircraft.


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