In cooperation with an Italian company, we...

In cooperation with an Italian company, we will soon be offering our own USB interfaces.

This starts with:

A controller board that can accommodate 8 analog (Hall sensors) (pickup) and can be connected to any PC via USB-C.
To protect the Hall sensors, the plug connections have the + 5V connection in the middle of the 3-pin connection, so that polarity reversal does not lead to the destruction of the sensor.

In addition, the board has 12 direct inputs for switches or buttons. (2x 6 poles against GND)
However, the connection to the SPREAD OUT board can also be made via a 2 x 10-pin socket strip and an 18-wire cable


Depending on the programming, 32 + 1x 4-way coolie or 36 inputs for buttons / switches can be used on the SPREAD OUT (distributor) board.
In addition, axes 1-4 are made available via the cable.
This means that, for example, 2x throttle and 1x 2-axis mini-stick can be connected in a collective grip.

Switch interfaces and more will follow

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